RAF Benevolent Fund

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

We are the leading welfare charity for those serving and those who have served in the RAF, as well as their families, providing a range of support, from financial assistance, independent living help, to emotional and mental well-being support.

In addition, we have recently launched a new Community Connector service to tackle social isolation and loneliness amongst the RAF family across Cambridgeshire (based Peterborough but covering the whole county) –   https://www.rafbf.org/news-and-blogs/raf-benevolent-fund-launches-new-community-scheme-help-isolated-raf-veterans

We estimate that there are approx. 35,000 veterans in Cambridgeshire, a significant number of which will have an RAF connection. Our World War Two and National Service generation are a shrinking demographic and by 2030 we will have lost 400,000 of them.  It is vital therefore that we reach these individuals now and make them aware of the welfare support available to them.  It is for this reason that Fund has just launched a major reaching out campaign to raise awareness.  We know that too often pride and self-reliance holds veterans back from seeking the support available. We are therefore reaching out to their families and friends – we estimate that 1 in 3 people in Cambridgeshire has known someone who has served or is serving in the Royal Air Force – to get these veterans back on our radar.

If anyone is aware of any RAF veterans who may benefit from our support please ask them to call 0300 102 1919 or direct them to our campaign website at: www.rafbf.org.

We rely on your support to make a difference to RAF personnel, past and present, and their families. You can keep in touch by visiting our website, joining us on Facebook and Twitter, or making a donation today: www.rafbf.org/donate.