Is your sewage treated by Huntsman?

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Sewage treatment by Huntsman

Dear Neighbour

If you are one of the Duxford households whose sewage is treated by Huntsman on behalf of South Cambridgeshire District Council or Anglian Water this message is for you.

Over the last few years the sewage pumps on our site have been regularly blocked by disposable nappies, nappy bags, rags, towels, wet wipes etc which we think are being flushed down the domestic toilets.

This is creating a difficult and unpleasant job for our staff who have to physically remove the soiled items. This has from time to time led to blockages in the street sewers with the risk of raw sewage backing up into your street drains, houses and gardens.

Disposable nappies must never be flushed down a toilet, they should be disposed of in the black wheelie bin. Wet wipes are often claimed to be ‘flushable’, however, these get caught up in the pipework and very quickly lead to blockages so please refrain from putting them down the toilet.

Remember the “3Ps” ie. the only thing to go down the toilet is Paper, Poo and Pee.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Craig Dunnett

Site Environment, Health & Safety Manager

Telephone 01223 493084

E mail