Ickleton and the Great War

Book to be Published about ‘Ickleton and the Great War’ by Village Society

A book about the contribution of local men and women to the efforts in WW1 is being published this Autumn by The Ickleton Society. ‘Ickleton and the Great War’ will offer a fascinating insight into the different ways people who were born or lived in the village contributed to the war effort. The contribution of those from neighbouring villages who either moved away or came to Ickleton to work at the Red Cross Hospital in the village will also be remembered. The aim, as we come to the centenary of the armistice, is to pay tribute to these folk, celebrate their lives and show how a small rural village stepped up to the mark.

The book gives a full background about the village at that time, the local regiments, how men were recruited into the armed forces, what happened to them if they were wounded and the setting up of the Ickleton Red Cross Hospital. Detail is given about the lives of the 200 or so people the Society has traced who went to war or served in some way on the home front, including the many women who volunteered at the hospital. The book is illustrated with lots of photographs, information taken from military and Red Cross records and, where we know which battalion men served with, details of the battles they were in.

Through a grant received from South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Community Chest and a donation from The Wellcome Genome Campus towards the printing costs, we should have copies to give to, in order of priority, local schools and libraries, people who have helped us with the project, descendants of people in the book, Ickleton Society members and residents of Ickleton village. If you are a descendant of an Ickletonian who contributed to the WW1 efforts, then please get in touch to register your interest in receiving a copy of the book at: rachelmradford@btinternet.com or Rachel Radford telephone 01799 530994.

On Saturday 10th November, 11 – 4 pm, in Ickleton village hall, Frogge Street, we will be holding an exhibition about the people in the book and life in the village during WW1. All are welcome to attend, and admission is free.

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