The Duxford Community Centre Charity

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The DCC (Duxford Community Centre CIO) is a charity established in 2014 with the aim of organising community events & activities which encourage local residents (individuals and groups/organisations) to come together for community cohesion, whilst at the same time fundraising for a community centre in the village of Duxford. The main focus has now shifted toward running Duxford Community Centre, but the aim of organising community events and activities for Duxford residents continues. The whole community is welcome to join in the events and benefit by developing friendships and community spirit within the village.

Our charity number is 1157964 and we are recognised by HMRC for Gift Aid

The DCC consists of individual members and affiliated non-profit organisations, and is run by a Board of Trustees, elected at an Annual General Meeting. From 2020, Duxford Parish Council (DPC) will be entitled to nominate two trustees.

Getting Involved

Anyone aged 18 or over, living in the parish of Duxford, can become a full member of the DCC. There’s no charge for this, you just have to sign a form agreeing to comply with the DCC constitution. 

There are other type of memberships too: associate members (those over 18 living outside the parish), junior members (those under 18, living in or outside the parish), statutory authority members and, last but not least, affiliate members (voluntary or non-profit-distributing associations and organisations in the parish). 

That all sounds a bit complicated, but it means that whoever you are, if you want to get involved with the DCC there’s probably a good chance you fit into one of these membership groups. 

DCC general meetings are called by the Trustees and will be held in Duxford Community Centre as required. Anyone can come to these meetings, but if you want to participate you do need to become a member of DCC. If you would like to join download the application form and email it completed to

Application form for membership of DCCDownload