DPC Precept Increase

The Precept increase next year reflects 2 aspects:
  • The core budget increases by 5.2% to cover, not only inflation, but also for the benefit of the aesthetics of Duxford.  Specifically:
    1. Increased maintenance of our cemetery;
    2. Extra grass cutting;
    3. The replacement of benches and new bins;
    4. The addition of a bench in the Rectory Road bus shelter;
    5. A new handyman contract.
  • Following the referendum on a Village Hall when the preferred option was that it be funded by an increase in tax, we have established a budget of £10,000 to help fund the fees we expect to incur as we develop the project.

Overall, the increase of just under £16 per year for a Band D property is in line with the referendum literature, which allowed for a possible increase of £20 per year.

Mrs Joanne Depradines-Smith, Clerk to Duxford Parish Council