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The WI is much more than the old cliché of fuddy duddy jam & Jerusalem… These days it’s more like sharing cake, inspiring women, laughing together and drinking wine.

As women we need female support networks and as a nation we need to build our communities, especially now that families are becoming ever wider spread around the UK and the globe.

I was searching for a connection to the community when I joined Duxford WI, as I was new to the village. Now I can pop out and bump into someone I know and it has made me feel part of Duxford. It has also given me access to a countrywide community of women, who I can chat with about a huge range of issues, from when should I take my dahlias indoors, what teabags can I compost, what different village halls are doing about Covid-19 and how can I make cervical screening easier for myself.

If you join the WI you too can find that community and support. It’s a two-way thing though. You have to make the effort to become part of us. Get to know us and make the WI your ‘village’ and you will open yourself to a wealth of women of different ages, with different experiences. You don’t have to knit, bake, make jam or sing Jerusalem, but you can if you want to. With the WI you will find outlets for all manner of campaigning, crafting and learning about new things. However, you can also just sit back, relax, make new friends and socialise.

Currently, under Covid-19 restrictions, we are meeting online on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm, but when we do meet again face-to-face, we will be at Duxford Community Centre, where we will have a range of monthly speakers and activities.

What can you expect?  Well, over the last year we’ve had opportunities to take part in events such as coffee mornings, quiz nights, literary lunches, afternoon teas, a candlelight tour of Holkham Hall and visiting Tutankhamun artefacts in London. We’ve tried a bit of yoga laughter, Molly dancing and socially distanced walks around the village. We’ve been involved with making things for and running our Advent market stall and we’ve been able to learn about flower arranging, playing croquet, Maggie’s cancer charity, the honey bee, what it’s really like being on Bake Off, climate change, how to develop your garden for wildlife and the work of the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

We welcome women of all ages and all backgrounds, so why not come along and meet us for an online taster session? 

For further information please contact:

Lesley Hale


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