Raise awareness of Alzheimer and Dementia

Here at Alzheimer’s Society, we want to connect to as many people as possible who are affected by dementia. In rural areas, this can often be hard to get our message out there which is, “we are here for you”.

As a result of the difficulties faced in rural areas, we are currently looking for volunteers to help raise awareness of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Society in their local areas. This can be achieved by ensuring local GPs, health centres, community centres and even local shops have up-to-date information.  The role would involve supplying these places with the information through the forms of posters etc. that would be supplied to you by our Information Worker.  The Information Worker will be managing you to ensure you have the resources available to raise awareness of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Society.

The volunteering opportunity has no fixed hours, and can be done in your own spare time where available.

Along with this opportunity, we also have volunteering opportunities with South Cambs. Dementia Action Alliance. This is a group that consists of local business, health departments etc. that ensure South Cambs is a dementia friendly area. The opportunity would involve increasing the size of the group by contacting local businesses/ community groups to see if they would like to know more about becoming dementia friendly and assisting them on their way with support from the Cambridge Dementia Action Alliance Coordinator.

Again this is another volunteering opportunity that has no fixed hours and can be done in your own spare time. Meetings of the South Cambs Dementia Action Alliance often take place bi-monthly.

If either of these opportunities are of interest and you would like to speak about them in more detail, then please do feel free to email Joshua.Pearce@alzheimers.org.uk