Friends of Duxford Green Spaces

FODGS aims to promote, support and raise funds for projects within the Parish of Duxford that conserve, protect and improve its green spaces and in partnership with Duxford Parish council, help to ensure our very special green spaces are maintained for the benefit and enjoyment of its residents.

THIS LINK will take you to the Association’s website, with information about “Friends of Duxford Green Spaces”, a non-affiliated group that has been formed, whose first project will be to raise funds for the landscaping works on Brewery Field.

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With your help, the Parish Council is doing its best to ensure that St John’s Cemetery is a very special place to remember loved ones, or just have a wander.

Our combined efforts in the both the old and new parts of the cemetery have made such a difference.  HUGE thanks to those of you that have offered your time and energy – you have been amazing and your help is very much appreciated.  We may have been only a few people, but what a difference we have made.

If you have an idea, or can help to get people involved with making Duxford Green Spaces even more special, please make yourself known via the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of the page.  Thank you!