How we got Here

 Duxford community Centre

Time Scale

Mar – April 2020 – Internal fitting Out

End of April  2020 – Community Centre to open

Whats Happened so Far

Feb 2020 – Building Handedover to the DPC

May 2019 – Begin the build

March 2019 – Parish Council agreed the contractor and gave the go ahead to build the centre

Jan 2019 – Sufficient funds available to start begin the build

July 2018 – Dec 2018  Fund raising

July 2018 – Funding applications submitted to various Trust funds

July 2018 – Group set up the reach out to organisations, clubs and the community to finalise the interior design to ensure it meets the requirements of the community

June 2018 – Planning approval received from South Cambs

May 2018 – Exterior design agreed. Following our poll of residents giving the three options as to the outside rendering of the Centre Option 1 shown below was the clear favourite and agreed by the DPC

April 2018 Final interior design discused

March 2018 Community Centre presentation for Annual Parish Meeting 

Feb 2018 – Pre planning approval received from south Cambs

July 2017 – including location decision for Village Hall 

June 2017

VHWG Highways meeting report June17

May 2017

Feb 2017 

Architect brief for Village Hall

Village Hall location (discussed at Feb DPC)

Jan 2017


The overall result of the referendum count on 1st November was

Option B – a village hall in Duxford, funded through an increase in Council Tax, with a landscaped green space.

Here you will find more detailed information about the referendum and vote count.