Community Centre Update

Message from our Chairman 

Great progress is being made on the community centre.  As outlined at the annual parish meeting and, in case you missed the display in The Plough and The Barleycorn, the proposal is to build the community Centre alongside the tennis courts with a new car park to be located adjacent to the bowls club We have now received full Planning Permission from South Cambs Planning Department.

As for the interior detail, a group has been recently established to reach out to potential users and to understand their likely requirements in terms of usage, storage and cafe/kitchen facility needs.


We’re doing well and can see our way to around £750,000 of the £1.1 million the building will cost. We are targeting sixteen Trust Funds and Charities who offer grants for community enhancement, and are hopeful that this will help us bridge the final £350,000 that we will need to go-ahead with the building. We’re absolutely delighted to report that Sport England have recently agreed to contribute £50,000. The other grant applications are pending and we’ll keep you informed of their progress.


Can you help :

Is there anyone who’d take on the responsibility for communicating progress please? It would be fantastic to have someone report not only articles likethis in Chatterbox, but also social media channels too.

Is there an Accountant who’d manage our finances please? Even if only slightly interested and unable to give a lot of time it would be great to hear from you.

If you can help, please fill in the form below with your details.

We know that some villagers do not want a Community Centre, but via the Referendum, the majority of residents voted for it and we’re therefore committed to providing it for you. As with such projects we’re facing more procedural delays and red tape than we’d expected but rest assured, we’re getting there!

Many thanks for your help and encouragement thus far!

Peter Dee

Chairman of Duxford Parish Council

To see how we got to this stage click here

At the 2018 Annual Parish Meeting the Parish Council present an update about the village community Centre you can download the full PDF Version here VillageHall. Click the play button below to watch a Walk trough of the proposed Centre