Community Centre Update

Message from our Chairman 

At the Parish Council meeting in early March, it was unanimously agreed that we would push ahead and build the long-planned Community Centre.  Final details are still being resolved but the expectation is that we will start building on the Rec alongside the tennis courts in May, and should be finished by next February.

The decision was possible as we have now completed what’s called a Stage 2 Tender process, which has identified the right builder for us and gives us a very detailed, accurate and competitive view of all the costs we will incur.

So, we can proceed with confidence that the funds we have accumulated are sufficient to sign the contract and get the building underway, before prices start to increase.

There is one final fund-raising challenge though, in that we have sufficient funds already to build, but not to finish-off and fully fit-out the centre. So, for example, we still need to gather funds to equip the kitchen, buy staging, chairs, etc.

In total, we will need £150,000 to complete the project and over the coming months you will see a variety of village activities aimed at achieving this. We hope you are able to fully support these and make your contribution to what will soon be a fantastic village asset.

This is best appreciated by clicking the ‘play’ button below to activate the ‘Walk Through’. This will give a real sense of the flexibility of the building and its capacity to host the wide variety of activities that the village has identified. Hopefully it also gives an early sense of the warm, welcoming, community atmosphere that we hope to create:



Many thanks for your help and encouragement thus far.

Chairman of Duxford Parish Council

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