Community Centre Update

Message from our Chairman 

Great progress is being made on the Community Centre, as we get ready for a final fund-raising drive.  The design has been really well received and with the building to be located on the Rec alongside the Tennis Courts, it will be about as central to the village as possible, so easily accessible by all.

As for the interior, this is best appreciated by clicking the ‘play’ button below to activate the ‘Walk Through’. This will give a real sense of the flexibility of the building and its capacity to host the wide variety of activities that the village has identified. Hopefully it also gives an early sense of the warm, welcoming, community atmosphere that we hope to create:

Funding update January 2019

Further to our update in November, we are delighted to be able to confirm that we have secured £92,000 from Trust Funds which means that our total to date of secured funds now stands at £270,000.

As you will probably recall we need to reach a total of £1.1m in order to start building, so in order to help bridge the gap, we intend to use a low-cost, fixed interest-rate loan facility uniquely made available to Parish Councils by the Treasury. We have requested permission to borrow a maximum £700,000 and expect confirmation this month. The impact on the Precept will be no more than a 10% increase next year, which would be the equivalent of 25p per week for a Band D house.

The result of the Village Referendum, which started the ball rolling, stated a clear preference for the Community Centre to be part-funded by an increase in Precept rather than revenue from house building and in line with this, we are pleased to have been able to secure such a relatively low Precept increase for such a significant amount of money.

We are then left with a ‘final push’ target of £130,000 to complete the Build Fund and are devising a village-based programme to address this, starting with local businesses.

Community Centre Team


Finally, we are getting ready with a village-wide fund raising drive to be launched in early 2019, hoping to call upon you all to help us complete the fund-raising task. With this support, we could start building in the Spring and be open before Christmas 2019.

Nearly there!

Many thanks for your help and encouragement thus far.

Chairman of Duxford Parish Council

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