DPC Precept Increase 2018

The Duxford Parish Council Precept increase in year 2018/19

  • an Overheads increase to fund the introduction of on-line
    packages to help us manage the village accounts,
    cemetery and allotments. When fully embedded, these will
    improve our efficiency and help Clerk reduce her time in
    managing these. The budget also includes increased
    training funds for our new Councillors.
  • an increase in our Operations budget that will enable us to:
    – undertake a necessary graveyard audit, complete the
    most urgent repairs and complete the overall
    cemetery tidy-up;
    – complete the refurbishment of the bus shelters and
    – continue the increased frequency of summer grass cutting
  • a budget of £20,000 to help fund necessary professional
    fees as we pursue the creation of the Community Centre,
    in line with village wishes expressed at the November 2016
    Referendum result.

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Mrs Joanne Depradines-Smith, Clerk to Duxford Parish Council