Post Office at the Community Centre

Post Office services will be provided from the Duxford Community Centre on the Recreation Ground, as follows:

Mondays:  09:30 – 12:00

Wednesdays:  09:00 – 11:30

Alternatively, Whittlesford Post Office (1A High Street) is open as follows:

  • Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri:   9am-12:30pm & 1:30pm-5:30pm
  • Wed, Sat:   9am-12:30pm

9 Sheep killed


Sometime between lunchtime 29th October and 7:45am 30th October, a local farm lost 8 sheep, and had to destroy another one because of its injuries, following an attack by one or more dogs.

The sheep were in a field between Ickleton and Duxford, near a footpath.
The responsibility for this dreadful incident lies squarely with the dog owner/s, who allowed them off the lead near livestock. Sheep worrying is a crime.

It is highly likely that the dog owner, even if not present at the time of the incident, will know because the dog will have had blood on it.

Any breed of dog is capable of attacking sheep, and the results of an attack are awful.

There is a reward of £150 for information leading to identification of the owner/s. Please use the ‘contact us’ tab above, or telephone the local police.

Business owner?

Due to our ongoing responsibilities regarding Covid-19 and supporting local businesses, please find below information regarding recent Covid-19 legislation and guidance changes that may affect your business, in order to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 and to avoid a local or national lockdown.

Prime Minister update from 22 September 2020

PM Boris Johnson announced several Covid-19 changes on 22 September 2020 which will affect a number of businesses including where face coverings should be worn, working from home, curfews for certain business types, displaying the NHS QR code poster, etc. An overview of the changes can be found at:


The Government has placed greater importance on self-isolating for those people who have a confirmed case of Covid-19 and those that have been in close contact with a person with a confirmed case. From 28 September, those who do not self-isolate when required may be fined. Business owners who threaten self-isolating staff with redundancy if they do not come to work may also have action taken against them. Implementing and monitoring your Covid-19 Secure control measures will assist in reducing the risk of staff being required to self-isolate if a confirmed case or outbreak occurs at your business.

Information regarding self-isolation can be found at:

The Government has also announced that people will be supported by a payment of £500 for those on lower incomes who cannot work from home and have lost income as a result. Further information about this scheme can be found at:

Social gatherings

Since 14 September, people must not meet with other households socially in groups of more than six. This will apply indoors and outdoors, including in private homes. There are a limited number of exemptions to this including work settings. COVID-19 Secure venues, such as places of worship, restaurants and hospitality venues, can still host larger numbers in total but groups of up to 6 must not mix or form larger groups. Advice regarding meeting with others can be found at:

NHS Test and Trace

Businesses have a duty to support NHS Test and Trace. Since 18 September, it is a legal requirement for certain businesses to have a system to collect NHS Test and Trace data, and keep this for 21 days. The following venues are required to keep records for Test and Trace purposes, should they be needed:

Hospitality, including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés

Leisure & Tourism, including hotels, museums, cinemas and amusement arcades

Close contact services, including hairdressers, barbershops and beauticians

Local authority venues, including community centres and village halls

For those types of businesses mentioned above, please find attached useful information from Dr Liz Robin, Director of Public Health for Cambridgeshire, regarding Public Health, supporting the NHS Test & Trace service and guidance on how to download a QR code poster which is required to be displayed in certain businesses.

For advice regarding supporting the NHS Test & Trace service and for a full list of businesses legally required to collect details, please see:

NHS Covid-19 App and NHS QR code posters

On 24 September, the NHS introduced the NHS Covid-19 app. This app will assist traditional contact tracing to help notify users if they have come into contact with someone who tests positive for coronavirus. The app allows people to report symptoms, order a coronavirus test, “check-in” to venues by scanning a QR code and helps the NHS to trace individuals that have coronavirus. For further information and resources to support users of the app, and those that visit your organisation, please visit:

The above mentioned businesses are also required to display an official NHS QR code poster to make it easier for people to check-in at different premises using the NHS Covid-19 App. If individuals choose to check-in at a business using the QR code poster, they do not need to log in via any other route. Fines can be issued for those that do not display their QR code.

If you have a venue outside of the categories mentioned above that is visited by members of the public and has a space where people congregate, then the NHS encourage you to create a QR code poster for the entrance to that venue. Further information about which types of businesses should display the NHS QR code poster can be found at:

Working Safely During Coronavirus

The Government has updated their Working Safely during Coronavirus guidance to incorporate details of recent legislation and guidance changes. Sector specific Working Safely during Coronavirus guidance can be found at:

Covid-19 guidance changes rapidly and the latest announcements and guidance can be found at: Our South Cambridgeshire District Council website also provides useful information for businesses regarding Covid-19, found at:

Our Reopening the High Streets Officers are visiting businesses across South Cambridgeshire offering advice, support and guidance to those wanting to, or who have, reopened since the original lockdown. If you require assistance with reopening, please contact our Reopening the High Streets Team at:

You can also subscribe to our ‘Open for Business’ newsletter which carries updates on Government advice alongside other useful information for businesses. You can opt out of receiving this newsletter at any time.

If you require advice regarding Covid-19 Secure control measures within your workplace, please contact our Environmental Health Team via or 03450 450 063.

Yours faithfully

Trevor Nicoll | Head of Environment and Waste

Duxford C of E Primary School works

Work continues at pace at Duxford School following recent fire.
Building and demolition experts appointed by Cambridgeshire County Council are continuing their work on site at Duxford C of E Community Primary School, following the fire on the evening of Friday 31 July.
Damage was contained to one wing of the school building, part of which is used by the pre-school and the out of school club (The DX Club), resulting in the loss of four classroom spaces and some ancillary space. In place of these, the County Council is providing three double mobile units each providing two classroom spaces with cloakrooms and toilets – a total of six high quality teaching and learning spaces for pupils and staff on their return in September.
The remainder of the school building including the Key stage 2 classrooms, the hall and the kitchen, is intact and has been made safe ready for use by the school on re-opening.
Council and school officials have acted quickly, with the mobile units now on site.
Hazel Belchamber, Assistant Director of Education Capital & Place Planning at Cambridgeshire County Council, said, “Talks are already at an advanced stage and I want to thank my Council colleagues, leaders from the school, pre-school and out of hours club and the Diocese of Ely for their individual and collective contributions and effort so far. The mobiles arriving on site marks an important milestone and significant progress in only a matter of weeks. Everyone is committed to continuing to work together to help the school recover from this situation quickly as possible.”
Suzanne Blackburne-Maze, Headteacher at the school, said, “It has been magnificent to see everyone pulling together and just how quickly things are moving forward. With the mobiles arriving on site we can start to envisage how our school, the pre-school and the DX club will look come September. Without doubt there is great sadness in the situation we have faced – we have lost part of our building and with it some treasured materials, but we will pick ourselves up and get back on our feet, and will be ready to welcome our children back in September. We will keep parents updated with our progress.”

County Councillor Peter McDonald, local Councillor for Duxford, commented; “The Community is really pulling together to bring about a start to the new school year”.

Members of the public are kindly asked to stay away from the site as demolition and building works continue.

A JustGiving page set up by Helen Andrews, clerk to the school governing body, is currently over £20,000 – with funds set to help replace books and equipment lost in the blaze. Please click on the above link to donate.

Changes to Bus Service

Stagecoach is to alter a number of their services from 30 August 2020.

Stagecoach are making these changes with the aim of providing sufficient capacity across their network, ready for the return of schools and colleges and in anticipation for increasing numbers returning to work.

Full details of the changes can be found on their website and by following this link

For further information and copies of the timetable please contact Stagecoach directly on 01223 433250 and for the Cambridge depot or 01480 309084 and for the Fenland depot

A note from the Hundred Parishes

We continue to add new circular walk routes to the Society’s website – there are now 24. I would like to repeat the encouragement for you to go and try one if you can get out. These new walks go from a place where it is usually convenient to park and they range in distance from 1 mile to 10 miles. The routes have been chosen for the quality of scenery or heritage, or both, and the route descriptions seek to add to your knowledge of the places you pass.

Each route description can easily be downloaded from the Other Walks section of – and then printed. We try to make the route description as easy as possible to follow. Three members have kindly volunteered to check the descriptions and in this way we hope to minimize the chance of anyone getting lost.  If you would like to join the testing panel, I would be pleased to hear from you. In any case, we welcome feedback and comment from anyone.

Shorter walks tend to focus on a single interesting town or village, for example Bartlow, Clavering, Hildersham, Much Hadham, Sawbridgeworth, Stebbing or Thaxted. Some routes combine town and countryside, for example from Buntingford, Saffron Walden or Standon. Others are mainly countryside routes, such as those starting from Broxted, Henham, Little Hadham, Matching or Wareside.

Some routes range over two or more parishes, for example 7 miles between Pleshey and Great Waltham or 8 miles between Albury, Braughing and Furneux Pelham. Two different routes run between Finchingfield and Great Bardfield. An 8-miler starting from Chrishall passes through four parishes and offers extensive views from upland paths in the Essex / Cambridgeshire border area.

These are just some examples to give you a flavour and to whet your appetite. If your favourite place isn’t mentioned, we are regularly adding new walks. Even if you think you know your local area, I assure you that, not far away, there is more to be found and enjoyed!

When we first launched the Hundred Parishes Society and its website in 2014, the website had 20 walks from railway stations. The Coronavirus pandemic has spurred us to expand the selection of routes so that it is not necessary to use a train. Some of the Station Walks are still OK as they start and finish at the same place. We regard the provision of these opportunities for people to explore the Hundred Parishes on foot as a major contribution towards achieving our first two charitable objectives. The formal text of the Society’s objectives, approved by the Charity Commission, reads as follows:
(a)  To advance the education of the public in the character and history of the geographic area comprising The Hundred Parishes.(b)  To promote for the benefit of the inhabitants of the geographic area comprising The Hundred Parishes and the surrounding areas the provision of information and facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the quality of life of the said inhabitants.(c)  To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of The Hundred Parishes, especially its features of historic, architectural and wildlife interest.

It is useful to remind ourselves from time to time what the Society is about. I think we focus quite consistently on (a) and (b).  (c) is not so easy to do directly, but I hope that a consequence of our actions under (a) and (b) is to raise awareness and appreciation in a way that will encourage more people to get involved in conservation, protection and improvement. Stay alert, stay safe! Ken McDonald, Secretary.