TCS Litter Pick a Great Success!

This morning’s litter pick was a great success, supported by our MP, Heidi Allen.

There was a good turnout from Duxford village – and even from nearby Elmdon – sincere thanks to everyone who attended and especially to our very own superhero TCS and his tireless support team!

The resulting haul of many black bags could only just be crammed into the support vehicle.


Call for Development Sites

On 13th March, Duxford Parish Council received a request for a meeting with Gonville & Caius College, who own substantial areas of farmland next to the village – see attached map.

The college said they are “preparing proposals for the latest ‘call for sites’ and want to discuss these with the Parish Council and if possible reflect the village’s views in these proposals”, with the aim being to “develop a better understanding of Duxford’s current and future needs”.

DPC still hopes to meet G&C before the 25th March deadline for submission of sites to the County Council (, leaving little time to consult parishioners.

We nevertheless invite your views and comments using the ‘contact us’ tab or by email to your parish clerk

Click on the link below to see the extensive landholding of G & C (pink areas)

G & C A48089 Duxford Holding

Hinxton Agritech – Petition to Secretary of State

Click here to access the petition

The Conservative Secretary of State has refused to meet local parishes to discuss the AgriTech development. Meanwhile a Conservative MP is lobbying for the development to go ahead.

Parish councils have already written to the Secretary of State to ask him to withdraw from the AgriTech appeal, following the revelation that AgriTech developer holding company Hill Group Services made a huge £20,000 donation to the Conservatives.

Cllr Peter McDonald says “How can the Secretary of State refuse to meet parishes and yet allow Tory MPs to lobby for the proposal?”

Sign our petition to ask the Secretary of State to withdraw from the planning appeal and allow the appeal to be decided by local process.

DPC Precept Increase 2019


2019/20 is the year we need to put in place the loan repayment charge we anticipate with the go-ahead of the Community Centre.  Assuming we draw down the full £700,000 available to us, the annual repayment charge will be £28,000.
Recognising the pressure this places on our total budget, we have managed to partly off-set this charge by achieving a significant reduction of £9000 in our operating budget, as follows:
  • major reductions to our Training and Communications budgets now that the new Accounts, Cemetery and Allotment software is embedded.
  • significant reduction to our Insurance Costs through smarter purchasing
  • reduced Cemetery spend now that the graveyard audit has been successfully concluded and the extensive tidy-up nearly finished.
These reductions partnered with continuation of the £20,000 Community Centre budget put in place last year, would allow us on an on-going basis, to fund the loan with no Precept increase. However, we do need to budget an additional £20,000 in what will likely be this year only, to fund the Professional Fees of the Project Manager who will oversee the Community Centre construction.
Pulling this all together , the Precept will increase from £74,959 in 2018/19 to £93,338 in 2019/20.
If you’d like to see further detail, please find links below to:
  • a breakdown of the individual elements of the 2019/20 Budget
  • an overall Summary comparing 2019/20 to previous years

2019-20 Precept Budget

Precept History Update

If you have any questions, we’d be very happy to try to answer them.

Choices for better journeys – public transport survey

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has just launched Choices for Better Journeys – a public engagement campaign about future travel in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond.


In autumn 2017, Our Big Conversation asked people about the travel challenges they faced and their ideas for the future. Many people said that a more affordable public transport network, with better availability and reliability, would be of great benefit to them, and criticised the level of congestion in the Greater Cambridge area.

We have looked at how we could significantly improve public transport across the area, alongside continued improvements to walking and cycling provision, to give people better choices for travelling into and around Cambridge.

Your views needed

We are now asking for people’s views on a range of issues and ideas, including:

  • proposals to transform public transport to offer a better alternative to the car;
  • different options for tackling congestion, improving air quality and freeing-up road space; and
  • funding a future improved public transport system.

Choices for Better Journeys will run until 31 March, please complete the survey to tell us your views.

The survey has been developed in collaboration with Cambridge Ahead and in association with Cambridge Network and the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce.

Further information and Next Steps

We are hosting a number of public events across the region that you are welcome to attend and we hope to see you there.

Choices for Better Journeys will be asking people about ideas and principles for better public transport, reducing congestion and improving air quality. Following this engagement, the GCP Executive Board will consider feedback and next steps.

If you have any questions on Choices for Better Journeys, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or calling 01223 699906.

A14 – River Great Ouse viaduct

We recently completed the 750m River Great Ouse viaduct. You can read more about it here in our latest news.

Please feel free to use this story on your own channels if you think it’s right for your audience. I’ve attached a couple of photos should you wish to use them.

The time-lapse video of construction can be viewed on, and shared from, our Facebook page –

Communications Manager, A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme


You can also follow the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme on  twitter

Whittlesford Parkway Travel Hub


Whittlesford was initially identified as a potential site for a pilot Rural Travel Hub in the Feasibility Study report, published in January 2018.

Due to the number of planned developments in the area, the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board recommended a master planning exercise be undertaken for the village. The Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board also agreed to fund 200 additional cycle parking spaces at Whittlesford Parkway station.

The master planning exercise is currently researching the future developments around the train station at Whittlesford Parkway and any required transport interventions to mitigate growth in the area. It will also look into understanding the needs of residents, commuters and key stakeholders.

The Stage 1 Baseline Report is available to view and it highlights the current situation in the area surrounding Whittlesford Parkway Station and identifying a long list of options.

The Stage 2 Report, which contains a shortlist of potential transport infrastructure projects, has been published in December 2018. Comments on this report were sought in January 2019, to inform reports to the GCP Executive Board and Joint Assembly.

Comments on this report are still welcome, and can be emailed to us at

Find more detailed information here

Mobile phone coverage survey

Cambridgeshire County Council has commissioned Advanced Wireless Technologies Group Limited (AWTG) of 8, Canham Mews, Canham Road, London, W3 7SR to carry out Technical Consultancy Services for a Mobile Phone Coverage Survey in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area.
This work will take place in the period from 11 February 2019 to end March 2019.

AWTG staff will perform the work required through drive testing and walk testing carrying technical equipment.

More information here