FIRE at the school

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those affected by the dreadful fire at the village school on Friday 31st July. 

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to the crew of the 8 (!) fire engines who attended the scene and prevented the fire spreading to the rest of the school. Who knew that the new hydrant installed next to the our new community centre would be needed so soon!

If you are able to donate, please visit the justgiving page .  Although the original target has already been exceeded, all funds will be used to help make Duxford Community Primary School, its Preschool, the After School Club and the DX Club return even stronger and better.  

Get your family active!

Cambs County Council: Summer sport and fitness activities:

Activities now for children, teenagers and adults – click on the link!


Dear Customer,


With the easing of government restrictions and many of our volunteers returning to work, your Duxcovid Support Group is unable to continue to offer a prescription collection and delivery service to Duxford residents.

The Sawston practice pharmacy have now confirmed that they are able to take over delivery of medication of all clients who are currently using the Duxcovid service, starting on 5th August.

If you do not wish Sawston to do this, you should contact them by email and let them know: You can also telephone 0300 234 5555

If you wish to investigate other options, there are a number of services available, including:

Pill Sorted:

Boots, Lloyds and other pharmacies offer a similar service.

If you choose one of the alternative options, you will need to contact the Sawston practice and let them know which service you will be using.

Please note that after 5th August, Duxcovid Support will no longer have any oversight of your medication and you will need to contact whichever service you are using in the event of problems.

Are you a horse rider?

We are undertaking work to record legal rights, and to preserve and reinstate routes. We are currently looking to recruit Historical Research Volunteers in the Eastern Region.

If you think you can help, please email

The British Horse Society

Abbey Park, Stareton, Kenilworth
Warwickshire  CV8 2XZ

Please support our programme Changing Lives through Horses.

Donate today to help transform a young person’s life. Please consider making a donation, visit: or text ‘CLTH65 £5’ to 70070 to start changing someone’s life. Thank you

Food support delivery service to replace Community Larder

Fill in the online form to request food support

Thriplow Recycling Centre Booking system introduced

Visitors to three household recycling centres in Cambridgeshire will need to book a slot to access the sites from next week. This is in addition to a booking system for all sites that was recently introduced for vans and trailers requiring e-permits.

From Monday, 22 June, you will only be able to visit Bluntisham, Alconbury and Thriplow household recycling centres if you have pre-booked a slot. The booking system will open today (17 June). This measure is being introduced to reduce traffic congestion, speed up entry times and reduce the risk of collisions around the sites.

Residents should only make essential visits to Household Recycling Centres if it is not possible to store waste safely at home or dispose of it through kerbside or bulky waste collections. Further Government advice is available on GOV.UK (paragraph 1.1).

Sites are provided for the use of Cambridgeshire residents only, and all users should be prepared to show proof of address on arrival.

You can book your slot online but if you can’t access the website, you can phone 0345 045 5207 for help.

Further advice on visiting household recycling centres, including what to expect, restrictions and how the teams are keeping users safe is on the council’s website.

Spotted Flycatcher survey

Tom Reynolds

Spotted Flycatchers – have you got this increasingly rare bird breeding in your garden? Let us know!

In recent years many Cambridgeshire community and parish newsletters, magazines and websites have helped with a County-wide survey of Spotted Flycatchers. These are attractive migrant birds, about the size of a Robin, which are summer visitors to village gardens and churchyards. Although they breed with us, they spend up to nine months of the year travelling as much as 16,000 miles a year between here and their wintering grounds in Southern Africa – Angola and Namibia. This is an increasingly dangerous journey for them, and sadly they are in deep decline. Widespread losses amounted to a 50% decline during 1995-2010, continuing an 90% decline since 1970.

Only a few hundred pairs remain breeding in Cambridgeshire, but most villages still have a pair or two; they rarely breed out in the wider countryside. We are continuing our work to find and monitor nesting pairs. It’s almost certain that there are many additional pairs out there of which we are not aware.

Do you have flycatchers in your garden? Will you see one this year, or have you in recent years? The few that remain are here from mid-May to September. And there’s lots more to read about our project and Spotted Flycatchers in general at

Please email:  with any sightings.