Village Hall Presentation

Checkout the village hall  presentation at village hall presentation which will be presented to the village at the annual Village meeting on the 19th March 2018 at 7.30pm regarding the new village hall .  Come along and give your views

Brewery Field Landscaping

Are you a landscaper who would like to be a major part of this project?

Within the next few weeks your Parish Council will be letting a contract for the entire build out to general tender.   It will include exact specifications for all the structures on the site, including access points, pond, paths, mound etc.

If you want to express an interest in advance of publication, please use the ‘contact us’ tab above, not forgetting to include your contact details.

Brewery Field: Planning decision delayed until 6th April

Unfortunately South Cambs Planning have advised this morning that the Brewery Field planning application will have to go to another round of consultation, which will delay the decision until 6th April, but assured us that it would then be recommended for approval.

The main reason for the delay is a change to the description from simple ‘change of use’ to one including all the features on the site (pond, pergola structure, mound, etc.).

Planning also advised that the application for the skate park needs to be submitted separately and must include details of the size/structure/equipment/materials etc.   We have therefore removed the skate park from the design for the time being and will submit this when we know how much money is available to build it and after further consultation.

DPC 9 March 2018

Local Transport Survey – don’t miss your chance to comment

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has launched the consultation on the Cambridge South East Transport, which has been extended to run until 9th April.  The nearest venue is Sawston on the 14th March.  DPC encourages everyone to complete the survey, even if you are not able to attend the event.  If you read the plans, you will see that there is little to benefit our local area.

Important omissions include the following:

  • A SAFE crossing of the A505 for cyclists and pedestrians between Duxford and Whittlesford Station (a workable solution has been proposed and is backed by Heidi Allen MP, but although it has been under discussion for 2 years, Network Rail have blocked it).
  • Improved layout for road traffic at the above junction – a roundabout is a possibility and would prevent HGVs having to make significant detours, which often result in out of area drivers trying to access unsuitable roads.  At the very least, a filter for those turning left into Duxford would be less dangerous.
  • Improvements to the A1301/A505 junction.  This roundabout is extremely congested and this will only worsen with future development proposals.  Developers need to know that local planning applications will not be considered unless they include robust infrastructure improvements in this area.
  • More cycle paths in our local area – allowing safe transit and crossing of busy roads, particularly the A505.

Please complete the survey and feel free to use the above comments if you wish.  This is an opportunity to get our voices heard.

Cambridge South East Transport Study

Duxford Parish Council


Climbing Frame available

We are building a new playground in Hauxton and replacing all of our equipment. We have an old solid wooden climbing frame which is going free if anyone is interested (private or parish). It looks a bit sad, but most of it is reasonable and of course it is safety checked every year. Some wood will need replacing in the not too distant future. Photo attached. It is on the recreation ground in the middle of Hauxton, if anyone wants to check it out.

It all bolts together with large bolts and if anyone wants it you would have to dissemble it, and take it away as we cannot organise delivery.

Kind regards
John Hammond
Clerk to Hauxton Parish Council
01223 872680

Financial help to adapt your home

South Cambs District Council recognises the health and social benefits of enabling our residents to live in a home that meets their needs, especially as those needs change, so we’d like to take the opportunity to remind residents that we have funding available for adaptations and essential repairs. For adaptations, residents should initially contact Cambridgeshire Direct on 0345 0455202  who will, if needed, arrange an Occupational Therapy Assessment.

Cambs Home Improvement Agency formed in 2012 as a partnership between 3 local district councils – customers requiring help with work such as roofing repairs, damp work, replacement windows and doors or new boilers are encouraged to contact the agency for information about what is available.

Private Sector Leasing Scheme

(Contact details on above poster have been updated)

Shire homes Tri-Fold Leaflet

This is a new scheme created by SCDC, for private landlords.

It is called the Private Sector Leasing Scheme operating with the newly formed company name of Shire Homes Lettings Limited.

The purpose of the scheme is to provide good quality, affordable homes within the private rented sector to assist in preventing homelessness.  The scheme offers the following benefits to landlords:

  • a guaranteed monthly rent in advance for the term of the lease (3 years);
  • no management fees;
  • day-to-day maintenance;
  • regular property inspections;
  • ‘hassle-free’ full management service.

Private Sector Leasing Officer
South Cambridgeshire Hall | Cambourne Business Park | Cambourne | Cambridge | CB23 6EA
t: 01954 713046 | m: 07885 477936  | e: | |

The Duxford Community Centre Charity

The Duxford Community Centre Charity (DCC) was set up in 2014 to meet three key needs:-

  1. Provide a Legal Entity that could apply for grants to build / equip a community centre for which a Parish Council was ineligible.
  2. Provide a Legal Entity that could demonstrate that local fundraising activities were taking place in the village, so meeting any Match Funding requirements that came along.
  3. Be the forerunner of the Charity that would run a Duxford Community Centre after it was built.

DCC sub-committees have run or taken part in a number of fund raising events. The most notable of these are the Village shows of 2014, 2015 & 2016.

In addition DCC’s charitable status enables sub-committees to register on fund raising websites such as Just Giving and My Donate and reclaim the tax at the basic 20% rate, which means they get 25% more than has been donated.   An example of where this facility was used is the village clock appeal.

DCC is an Incorporated Organisation Reg. No. 1157964 and has a constitution based on one of the Charity Commission’s standard models. Annual Accounts and details of Trustees can be found on the Charities Commission Website.

Should any village organisation require assistance with fund raising and grant applications, please contact Tim Clarke Chair of DCC

Duxford Community Speedwatch


Are you worried about speeding vehicles through Duxford?

Do you have as little as 1hour every 4 to 6 weeks available?

Join the Duxford Speedwatch Team.

A training session is being held in Duxford on Wednesday, 7th February at 10.30 am starting at The Plough.

The session will last approx. 1½ hours.

Once trained, volunteers work in teams of three and can choose at what times and for how long they do a Speedwatch session.

If you are interested but cannot make the session in Duxford, training sessions are held at Cambourne, on a Saturday morning each month.

To register for next week’s training or to get further information, please contact the Parish Clerk, Joanne Depradines –Smith at or via the ‘contact us’ tab on the website.