Draft Uttlesford Local Heritage List – Public Consultation

The draft Uttlesford Local Heritage List document is now available to view, and open for public comment, until 4th July 2018 at 3.30pm.

Members of the public and consultees now have the opportunity to tell the District Council what they think about the draft Uttlesford Local Heritage List.

The first edition draft Local Heritage List contains a list of structures and other assets which are considered to be locally significant and worthy of consideration as part of the planning process to preserve their special character. It includes residential properties, historic signposts, telephone boxes and even village water pumps. Each had to meet a number of criteria to make the list.

The assets are different to those identified by Historic England and will not be subject to listed building legislation; however, their inclusion on the Local Heritage List will ensure their historic and architectural importance is given due consideration when determining related planning applications.

The public is invited to tell the council what they think about the draft Local Heritage List. Further details can be viewed at www.uttlesford.gov.uk/heritagelist.

There will be a chance to see details of all the proposals and to discuss them with council officers at two public meetings, on:

  • 30 May, 5-8pm – Foakes Hall, Stortford Road, Great Dunmow
  • 6 June, 5-8pm – Uttlesford District Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden

From 23 May paper copies of the document can also be inspected at the following locations:

  • Saffron Walden – UDC Council Offices, Library and Tourist Information Centre
  • Dunmow – Library
  • Thaxted – Community Information Centre
  • Stansted – Library

Anyone can respond to the consultation by using a feedback form which can be downloaded from the council’s website and e-mailed to conservation@uttlesford.gov.uk. Alternatively, you can write to: Conservation Officer – Local Heritage List, Uttlesford District Council, Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden CB11 4ER.

Kind regards,  Angharad Hart BA Hons MSc

Conservation Officer, Uttlesford District Council

Tel.01799 510531


IWM Notice: closure of Grange Road 26/27 May

Important information ahead of the Duxford Air Festival (May Bank Holiday weekend Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May)

Ahead of the Duxford Air Festival on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May IWM Duxford has released some important safety information that it wishes to share with local residents:

  • IWM Duxford takes great care to ensure that its air shows are as safe as possible for everyone involved.
  • ‘Secondary crowding’ is no longer acceptable at any air show and IWM has a duty of care to ensure that this is reduced as much as possible. It is therefore not safe to occupy the fields surrounding IWM Duxford during the air show. If you do so you are putting yourself and the display pilots in harm’s way and potentially preventing IWM from continuing with the flying programme.
  • In support of this, and to ensure that the emergency services have clear, unhindered access, Grange Road will be closed on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May.
  • These fields around IWM Duxford are private property and IWM has been working with the farmers to prevent trespassing. Therefore there is no public access to these fields at any time.

IWM will continue to monitor these measures and ensure where possible that the disruption to the local community is kept to a minimum. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please also note that one of the aircraft teams displaying as part of the Duxford Air Festival will be using pyrotechnics within their flying displays.  Residents may hear loud bangs during the air show. We intend to test the noise and vibration created by the use of pyrotechnics during the Duxford Air Festival in order to assess their impact on local residents.

Esther Blaine, Communications Manager (Commercial), Dip CIPR

(t) 01223 499 320

(m)07792 305 432

(e) eblaine@iwm.org.uk

Traffic management for Cereals arable event in June

CEREALS 2018, Nr Chrishall Grange, Cambridgeshire

WEDNESDAY 13th – THURSDAY 14th JUNE (07:00 – 18:00)

Cambridgeshire is in the heart of the British agricultural industry and we are very pleased to be working with Robert Law in hosting and organising the leading arable event in Europe. Cereals attracts around 400 exhibitors and 26,000 farmers and industry professionals over the two days of the event.

We have introduced a routing and parking system for all our visitors this year to reduce the impact of the event traffic on local residents and commuting traffic.  As part of our overall traffic plan, Cambridgeshire County Council are issuing Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders authorising one way systems and speed restrictions on certain roads for the two days of the event and for the build-up and breakdown period of the event which extends from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 June.

We would like to highlight the following to you:

  • 1) Unclassified road (Chrishall Grange towards Fowlmere) one way – From 07:00 on Monday 4 June through to 05:00 on Wednesday 13 June and from 21:00 Thursday 14 June through to 21:00 Sunday 17 June, this will operate in a northerly direction (from Chrishall Grange to A505 staggered cross roads junction). It will not be permitted to turn into the unclassified road from the A505.

Residents located on the section of unclassified road between Chrishall Grange and the Cereals Site entrance will be allowed access, from the ‘T’ junction at Chrishall Grange, for the whole period but are advised to exercise extra care as there will be large articulated vehicles using this route during the build-up and break down period.

The alternative route for access to the A505 from Chrishall Grange is to continue travelling north east on the unclassified road out of Chrishall Grange and join the A505 at the ‘T’ junction nearer Duxford.

Please note that during the two days of the event (Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June) the one way system will be removed but the unclassified road will be very busy with inbound and outbound event traffic.

We advise that, if at all possible, this road is avoided during the periods quoted.

  • 2) Grange Road [North – Duxford] from West (Chrishall Grange end) towards East (Duxford end) one way – From 06:00 on Wednesday 13 June to 21:00 Thursday 14 June, this will operate in an easterly direction (from Chrishall Grange). The section of Grange Road from the east side of the M11 ‘over bridge’ to junction with Hunt Road / Ickleton Road at Duxford will be operated as a two way traffic flow system to allow residents access to Bustler’s Rise and this east section of Grange Road.

Residents on the section of Grange Road on west side of the M11 ‘over bridge’ will need to conform to the one way system when leaving their properties.

The alternative route, from Duxford to Chrishall Grange, is via Hunt Road, north to A505 roundabout then follow A505 westbound over the M11 to first turning for Chrishall Grange.

  • 3) Grange Road [South – Ickleton] and Royston Lane one way – From 06:00 to 20:00 on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June, on the single lane section of Grange Road between Royston Lane and junction with two lane section, extending into Royston Lane through to Chrishall Grange. This section of Grange Road and Royston Lane will operate as a one way system from North East to South West in the morning (06:00 – 13:00) and change to South West to North East in the afternoon (13:00 – 20:00). Residents will need to confirm to the one way system when leaving or returning to their properties. The alternative route for residents of Grange Road (single Lane) is via Grange Road (two lane section) and Royston Lane. A Diversion Route, via Elmdon, will be signed from Royston Lane, at its junction with Grange Road (two lanes) and at Chrishall Grange, to redirect traffic seeking access from or to Chrishall Grange.

  • 4) Bridle Way, south of Chrishall Grange closure – on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June between Chrishall Grange end and junction with Heydon to Fowlmere Road. Part of this route will be used to allow event traffic to access the Cereals Event Car Parks and is being closed for safety reasons.

  • 5) Temporary Speed Restrictions – will be in place on following roads:

a) A 40 mph restriction will apply on the road through Chrishall Grange (Chrishall / Elmdon to Fowlmere road) from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 June. This is to restrict the speed of traffic on approach to the ‘T’ junction in Chrishall Grange during build up through to break down.

b) A 40 mph restriction will apply on the Heydon to Fowlmere Road, from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 June. This will be between the junction with A505 and south of the Golf Club entrance. The Cereals Site West entrance is located on this road.

c) A 50 mph restriction will apply on the A505 east and west of the junction with Heydon Road from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 June.

  • 6) Temporary Traffic Signals – will be in place at the following locations:

a) At the ‘T’ junction in Chrishall Grange (Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June: 06:00 – 21:00). This is to ensure that safety is maintained when Event traffic is turning into, and out of, the unclassified road at Chrishall Grange ‘T’ junction.

b) On A505 at junction with Heydon Road (Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June: 06:00 – 20:00). This is to assist with inbound and outbound event traffic using the West Entrance for Cereals site, located on the Heydon Road. Please note traffic will not be able to turn right out of Heydon Road onto the A505 during the period the Traffic Signals are in operation. If necessary, on Thursday 14 June, an alternative set of Temporary Traffic Signals will operate on the A505 at the cross roads junction of Chrishall Grange to Fowlmere Road (16:00 – 21:00) to assist with Contractor Traffic and the set of signals at Heydon Road will be removed.

c) On B1368 London Road, Fowlmere at the junction with Chrishall Road (Wednesday 13 and on Thursday 14 June: 06:00 – 21:00). This is to assist with inbound and outbound event traffic using the Cereals Car Park which will be located off the Chrishall Road.

d) On Grange Road (South – Ickleton) single lane at the junction with Grange Road two lane (Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June: 06:00 – 13:00) to assist with inbound event traffic. Please note these will only operate during the morning period.

e) On Frogge Street, Ickleton at the location of the exit from Farm Track (south east of Ickleton) on Wednesday 13 and on Thursday 14 June. Please note these will only operate during the afternoon / evening period (14:00 – 20:00). This is to assist with outbound event traffic exiting from the Farm Track onto Frogge Street to turn right and travel to the A11 / M11 via Stumps Cross.

f) At the junction of the Chrishall / Elmdon to Fowlmere road and Royston Lane and Bridle Way, south of Chrishall Grange, on Wednesday 13 and on Thursday 14 June (06:00 – 20:00). This is to assist with inbound and outbound event traffic entering and leaving the Cereals Car Park located off the Bridle Way.

Please note all these Temporary Traffic Signals will be ‘manually operated’ and only used when traffic flows determine it is necessary to implement traffic control.

  • 7) Temporary Traffic Control– will operate at the following locations:

a) (Stop / Go) on Coploe Road, Ickleton, between the Farm Track exit (north side of the M11 overbridge) and entrance to The Stackyard, on Wednesday 13 and on Thursday 14 June. (06:00 – 20:00) This is to assist with event traffic which will be directed to use a Farm Track off Frogge Street to link with Coploe Road and Grange Road, to avoid travelling via Frogge Street and Abbey Street through Ickleton village during peak times. The Farm Track route will be operated between 06:00 and 20:00 each day for inbound and outbound traffic.

  • 8) Temporary Pedestrian Bridge – will be installed over the A505 east side of the junction with Heydon Road to assist with pedestrian access to and from the Car Park located on the north side of the A505 and the Cereals site. This will be installed prior to Wednesday 13 June and removed after Thursday 14 June.

  • 9) Contingency for Contractor HGVs – on Thursday 14 June the B1368 London Road, between the junction with A505 at Flint Cross and the ‘T’ junction with Chrishall Road at Fowlmere, may be used for the temporary parking of Contractor HGVs, if weather conditions adversely affect the parking area on the Cereals Site. If this contingency has to be implemented London Road will be made one way with traffic only being allowed to travel from Flint Cross to Fowlmere (south to north) on the left hand lane. The right hand lane will be closed to normal traffic and used to park the Contractor HGVs. This will operate between 09:30 and 22:00. The diversion route for traffic from Fowlmere will be via the Chrishall Road to the A505 and west to Flint Cross.

  • Delays on approach roads may be experienced during the Inbound and Outbound peak periods of the show and for which we apologise for any inconvenience this causes. We are making contact with the school buses that require access in the mornings and afternoons to ensure access is as smooth as possible.

The Show Site will be set up in the preceding weeks and removed in the days immediately after. These vehicles will access the site via the one way system from the ‘T’ junction in Chrishall Grange and exit onto the A505.

Julian Hinton

Operations Manager

Comexposium Haymarket Exhibitions

Tel: +44 (0)1788 892045
+44 (0)1788 892038

How to Help Hedgehogs

Wondering how you can help hedgehogs?  As the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to get out in the garden and make sure it’s hedgehog-friendly, so that our little spiny friends can nest, feed and find a mate.  Check out our top ten tips on what you can do to help hedgehogs in your garden here. And spread the word on social media using #hedgehogweek

There’s lots of other things you can do to help hedgehogs:

  1. Sign up to be a Hedgehog Champion today or log in
  2. Tell us your recent hedgehog stories
  3. Share your best hedgehog photos with us
  4. Check out our funny hedgehog videos on YouTube and subscribe to our channel
  5. Log your hedgehog sighting on the BIG Hedgehog Map and tell your friends to do the same!

Hedgehog Street has achieved a lot over the past few years – keep up the great work helping hedgehogs!

P.S. In hot weather please always leave out a dish of water for thirsty hedgehogs!

Spotted any Floating Pennywort?

You may have heard about this alien species of weed that has invaded the River Cam and its tributaries. It is a South American plant called Floating Pennywort and it grows very aggressively in the summer months, making life very difficult for river users and wildlife.

The Cam Valley Forum (CVF) is a small group of volunteers, aiming to protect the river. We are working with partner organisations, and aim to eradicate this weed over the next five years. We attach a recent leaflet, giving details of some willow trimming which we carried out at Grantchester to help in the control of the pennywort. It may help you to recognise the weed.

We are keen to learn of the presence of the weed upstream of Grantchester and we would be most grateful for information about the weed in the river in your parish. If there is some or none, please let us know. We do hope that we can depend on you or colleagues, to reply to us.

With thanks,

Stephen Tomkins (Chair, CVF)

Information Notice: St John’s Cemetery

Information Notice:  St. John’s Cemetery

Please note that your Parish Council plan to carry out memorial stone stability testing in St John’s churchyard and St John’s cemetery in the coming months.

DPC needs to do this to ensure that the stones will not topple and injure anyone and to comply with our liability insurance obligations.

This notice is to give fair warning to those of you that visit the cemetery that there may be some disruption. Please advise anyone you know who visits the cemetery, but might not see this announcement.

Stones that are found to be unsafe will be laid flat, unless the Clerk has been able to contact the relatives and they have confirmed that they wish to finance a repair.


Lead stolen from St Peter’s Church

Please keep an eye out around both St. Peter’s and St. John’s churches – dial 999 immediately if you notice anything suspicious.