Gary & Sam’s Gardening Service

We have set up a new local gardening service, to provide help with garden
maintenance – e.g. lawn cutting, hedge trimming, fence painting, weeding, patio cleaning and general garden clearance – at competitive rates.
For more information please contact Sam (0751 381 9043) or Gary
(07598307035), Gary Kendall

Duxford Level Crossing closed 1am Saturday 16/9 until 5am Monday 18/9

Please find the attached Road Closure to allow Colas Rail to carry out Track renewals at



Duxford Level Crossing, Hinxton Road


01.00hrs Saturday 16 until 05.00hrs Monday 18 September 2017


There will be Diversion routes in place as Ickleton Road LC and Hinxton LC are closed at the same time.


Don’t be Scammed – be aware!

July is Scams Awareness Month 2017.  This is an important campaign.

The Parish Council wants to highlight the campaign and to enlist your help in spreading some of its important messages, especially to those more vulnerable people, and those who might not see this message.

The campaign is led by Citizens Advice, working in partnership with organisations such as Trading Standards and the Metropolitan Police;  the link to the Scams Awareness Month 2017 page on the Citizens Advice website can be accessed here

Stones placed to protect War Memorial

The photographs show four large stones (funded by Hexcel and delivered and placed at no charge by Welch), arriving at the war memorial.  These have been placed at each of the Chapel St/ Hinxton Rd corners of the island.

Sincere thanks to both companies – hopefully this will prevent further damage to the site by HGVs. The 2 black bollards on the Hinxton Road corner will eventually be removed.  The bollards on the Chapel street corner will remain where they are as they have reflectors.

Funding available for community projects

We have endeavoured to bring together information on various grants that are available for community projects. Please click on the links below.

Small grants for local charities

Please note this is not exhaustive, and is intended only as an aid.  If you would like to see additional pages added, please let us know using the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of the page.


Dear Friends in Duxford

This is the first in a new HogBlog series for the village. We aim to update it monthly so please check in for news, tips and stories.
This month meet Winnie, who is currently living the life of luxury in a hog Hilton in a back garden in the village.  Winnie came from Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital where she had overwintered.  She is well enough to be released into the wild but unfortunately she ate far too much in hospital and is too rotund to be able to protect herself from predators.  Her lovely foster parents are keeping her safe in a purpose built pen and feeding her a restricted diet until she has slimmed down to a safe size to wander free. Winnie’s pen has enough space for her to wander round in circles searching for the food which is hidden every night to make her take some exercise!
Duxford proudly boasts two approved hedgehog release sites and one safe garden for a blind hog (which can’t be allowed to wander widely). In the past year we have between us released around twelve hogs.
Hedgehogs are an endangered species and their numbers have dropped dramatically in the past 30 years.  At the current rate they could be extinct in another thirty years.  Please help us preserve this delightful little creature by making your back garden a better place for hogs to live. You can help by making a small hole in your fence, 15 x 15 cm will be fine, and encourage your neighbour to do the same.  You might be rewarded by seeing a hog scuttle through in the dusk.  Hogs roam about 2 miles each night and they need to be able to get safely from one feeding area to the next without crossing a road.  Your new visiting friend will hoover up slugs and snails to say thank you.  As the weather gets warmer hogs need to drink and they will thank you for always leaving out a shallow bowl of clean water.  Be careful though because hogs are messy creatures and if the bowl is not heavy they will tip it over.  Ceramic bowls work best.
If you would like to feed your new friends they can eat puppy or cat poultry based wet or dry food.  Please don’t feed them anything fish based and definitely no bread and milk which can make them very ill.  A dish of food left on the grass will attract a pilfering cat so you can build a feeding station from an old plastic box with a lid if you cut a hole about 15 x 15cm and put a brick on the lid.  You can also buy hog feeding boxes on line.
And please remember, if you ever see a hog out during the day you should take action.  Hogs never ever wander in daylight unless they are sick.  Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital will take any sick or injured hog and if you want local help and advice you can call Mrs Tiggywinkle on 07867 538158.
Next month: snorting hogs, miniature ladders and hog boxes.

Spotted a flycatcher?

The Spotted Flycatcher – do you have this increasingly rare bird breeding in your garden? Participate in our survey!

Last year many Cambridgeshire community and parish newsletters, magazines and websites helped with a county-wide survey of Spotted Flycatchers. These are attractive little migrant birds which are summer visitors to village gardens and churchyards. Although they breed with us, they spend ten months of the year travelling between here and their wintering grounds in Southern Africa. This is an increasingly dangerous journey for them, and sadly they are in deep decline. Widespread losses amounted to a 50% decline during 1995-2010, continuing an 90% decline since 1970.

Only some fifty pairs remain breeding in Cambridgeshire, so it’s now quite a rare bird, but most rural villages still have a pair or two. The Cambridgeshire Bird Club is again running a survey this year to find and monitor nesting pairs, and it’s almost certain that there will be additional pairs in our villages of which we are not aware.

Do you have flycatchers in your garden? Please let the Bird Club know.

Please email

with any information you have, including records of single birds anytime between now and September.

See also for details of the project and how to send in your records.

Duxford Post Office opening hours

Post Office services are available at the United Reformed Church in Chapel Street during the following periods:

Monday 10am until 12:30

Wednesday 09:30 until 12 noon


There are no advertised vacancies at the moment.

If you would like to advertise here, please use the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of the page.  Please note that displayed graphics need to be provided in .jpeg format and separate documents in .pdf format.