Application for Food Parcel

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This is temporary food support for Duxford residents only

All information collected on this form is subject to data protection controls and is treated in strict confidence.

Please complete the form below of each household requesting support

Do you have any pets that need food support? Please list

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I consent to the sharing of my details with the DuxCovid food Support Team
My circumstances have changed directly or indirectly due to COVID-19
I confirm my genuine need for a food support food parcel at this time

Food parcels will be delivered to you address on a Thursday and a volunteer will knock on your door, then step back to maintain a distance. He or she will confirm your name, then deposit the food on your doorstem in a bag or box.

Please note that we rely on donations from supermarkets and individuals, so boxes will contain a random selection of fresh and store cupboard food and other essential items.

Whilst every effort will have been made to maintain strict hygiene, we recommend all items delivered for the DuxcovidFood Suport Bank team are washed in or wiped down with soapy water.