COVID-19: UPDATE on Local Initiatives

The DUXCOVID working party is supported by the Parish Council, to ensure that people can access help safely and securely.

The support group operates a Community Larder from the new Community Centre – there is a copy of the leaflet on the home page (scroll down), or see separate post

If you are self-isolating and vulnerable and need assistance with collecting medication, shopping etc., CORRECT NUMBER TO CALL IS 07783 388 724 and leave a message with your name, street and telephone number. One of the team will call you back within 12 hours.


If you are able to offer help, please email your details, including any particular skills you have, to:

Our database matches helpers with those in need.

If you use social media, we have a number of links to share with you:

Donate money – all funds raised will be used to support vulnerable local people in need

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