Whittlesford Parkway Travel Hub – updated

Last month, the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive Board agreed to proceed with a public consultation on Whittlesford Parkway Station Masterplan and develop a draft delivery plan, with a report to come back to a future Executive Board meeting.

We are now planning to run a consultation in early summer and we look forward to engaging with you throughout the process. Following the consultation, we will look into bringing the various schemes together into an outline delivery plan that looks at timings, delivery responsibilities and funding.

The master planning exercise is currently researching the future developments around the train station at Whittlesford Parkway and any required transport interventions to mitigate growth in the area. It will also look into understanding the needs of residents, commuters and key stakeholders.

We published the Stage 1 Baseline Report and Stage 2 report last year, which contains a long list and short list of potential options. Both reports can be found on our website.

The reports identified a number of key interventions to improve the capacity and connectivity to the station:

  • A new lift and footbridge between the station platforms
  • An extended network of dedicated cycle links and safe crossing points
  • A bus turning circle to enable safe and efficient interchange with train services
  • Improved junctions on the A505 to improve safety, access and capacity
  • A new decked car park, increasing the number of parking spaces by around 50%
  • A transformed public realm which prioritises pedestrians in the immediate vicinity of the station

The upcoming consultation will be discussing these interventions and other opportunities.

We will be in touch shortly with further information about the consultation, including upcoming events. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.