District survey – number of rough sleepers

Each year the Council is required to count or estimate the number of rough sleepers in their district on a specified night.

South Cambridgeshire District Council will be estimating the number of people sleeping rough in the district on the evening, overnight between 22nd/ 23rd November 2018.   The Parish Council has been asked to notify the District if anyone is sleeping rough in our Parish on this evening.

The Government definition of a rough sleeper is as follows:

People sleeping, about to bed down (sitting on/in or standing next to their bedding) or actually bedded down in the open air (such as on the streets, in tents, doorways, parks, bus shelters or encampments). People in buildings or other places not designed for habitation (such as stairwells, barns, sheds, car parks, cars, derelict boats, stations, or “bashes”).

The definition does not include people in hostels or shelters, people in campsites or other sites used for recreational purposes or organised protest, squatters or Travellers.

You are invited to contribute – our estimate must only include those rough sleeping on that single night. Our typical night has been chosen taking into account local factors, a weekday and it is the same night as some of our neighbouring authorities are estimating or counting their figures.

Where possible and to prevent double counting it would be helpful if you can provide the following information when notifying us of any rough sleepers:-

  • Their location
  • Gender
  • Age brackets (under 18/ 18-25/ 25 and over)
  • Nationality (UK National/ EU National/ Non-EU National).

Please send any notifications of rough sleepers on the night in question to your Parish Clerk:

Clerk@duxfordvillage.com or use the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of the page

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