Friends of Duxford Green Spaces

Following advice from the Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service (CCVS), we have set up the “Friends of Duxford Green Spaces” (FODGS) Association, which is not affiliated to the Parish Council. The current membership is Gillian Heath (Chair), Roy O’Grady (Treasurer) and Emma Lowndes (Secretary). The minutes and agreed constitution of the FODGS inaugural meeting are provided in the links below.

Membership is open to all who wish to join for a nominal fee of £10 joining fee, plus a £10 annual subscription. Members will be kept up to date on progress and will be consulted on any issues arising. We hope that many parishioners will support the project by joining the group, even if unable to give any time. All membership fees collected will go directly towards moving the project forwards.

The FODGS constitution has been drawn up in line with that required for charities, should we wish at some time in the future to change status. By doing this, if the annual income is regularly greater than £5K, we can easily convert to charitable status at a later date. The group has been set up to cover all of Duxford green spaces, but will initially concentrate on fundraising for the landscaping works on Brewery Field.

FODGSArticlesOfAssociation 09082018

FODGS Agenda Jul 2018

Minutes of FODGS Jul 2018