August 2018 Chatterbox article – corrections as confirmed by DPC

  1. Attendees: Cllr Gillian Heath (FRG&B Committee Chair) omitted
  2. Matters Arising: Peter Harris should be Cllr Ed Harris.
  3. Planning: Cara Homes should be Cala Homes.
  4. Footpaths: Needles in footpaths – the only drug paraphernalia discovered was in the (unlocked) pavilion toilet on the Rec, none elsewhere in the village.
  5. St. John’s Street: DPC have applied for a Local Highway initiative on the Moorfield Road / St. John’s Street junction, asking for either a roundabout or suitable alternative. It is already understood that a roundabout would be unsuitable, but DPC were advised to ask for this initially, so as to receive a professional opinion from Highways.
  6. District Councillor – No attendee said that The Wellcome Trust were “not really bothered about local opinion”, nor “they don’t really care about the locals…” Indeed, there is evidence of extensive local communication and efforts to find compromise in respect of the recent planning proposal.