Hot Weather Advice For Dog Owners

The extraordinary heat of summer 2018 is set to continue, but we’re offering words of advice to dog owners.  As the temperature in the region is set to rise above 30 degrees, we have to think about how the heat is affecting our furry friends. 

  • A little known fact about dogs is – they can’t sweat.
  • The few sweat glands that they do have are usually found on the pads of their paws.  Those paws can easily be burned on hot concrete.
  • The only way your dog can expel heat is by panting.  For long haired dogs, the hot weather can be particularly dangerous.
  • Your dog will still need exercise and want to go out – but you should choose to do it early in the morning or in the late evening when the temperature has fallen.  We are still observing dog walkers taking their best friends out in the midday sun.  This is a dangerous thing to do and should be avoided.
  • Being left in a car – even with the window open a bit – is a lethal situation for dogs and no responsible dog owner should ever do it.  Please don’t leave your dog in the car”.
  • Officers continue to attend vehicles where dogs have been left unattended – and regardless of how long for – we won’t hesitate to break a window to rescue an animal.
  • Dogs rescued from cars will be handed into the care of the RSPCA and won’t be returned to the owner until the question of prosecuting the owner for neglect of the animal, or animal cruelty, has been resolved.
  • If you see a dog trapped in a car, do not hesitate to call the police or the RSPCA to save the animals life.