Spotted any Floating Pennywort?

You may have heard about this alien species of weed that has invaded the River Cam and its tributaries. It is a South American plant called Floating Pennywort and it grows very aggressively in the summer months, making life very difficult for river users and wildlife.

The Cam Valley Forum (CVF) is a small group of volunteers, aiming to protect the river. We are working with partner organisations, and aim to eradicate this weed over the next five years. We attach a recent leaflet, giving details of some willow trimming which we carried out at Grantchester to help in the control of the pennywort. It may help you to recognise the weed.

We are keen to learn of the presence of the weed upstream of Grantchester and we would be most grateful for information about the weed in the river in your parish. If there is some or none, please let us know. We do hope that we can depend on you or colleagues, to reply to us.

With thanks,

Stephen Tomkins (Chair, CVF)