Local Transport Survey – don’t miss your chance to comment

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has launched the consultation on the Cambridge South East Transport, which has been extended to run until 9th April.  The nearest venue is Sawston on the 14th March.  DPC encourages everyone to complete the survey, even if you are not able to attend the event.  If you read the plans, you will see that there is little to benefit our local area.

Important omissions include the following:

  • A SAFE crossing of the A505 for cyclists and pedestrians between Duxford and Whittlesford Station (a workable solution has been proposed and is backed by Heidi Allen MP, but although it has been under discussion for 2 years, Network Rail have blocked it).
  • Improved layout for road traffic at the above junction – a roundabout is a possibility and would prevent HGVs having to make significant detours, which often result in out of area drivers trying to access unsuitable roads.  At the very least, a filter for those turning left into Duxford would be less dangerous.
  • Improvements to the A1301/A505 junction.  This roundabout is extremely congested and this will only worsen with future development proposals.  Developers need to know that local planning applications will not be considered unless they include robust infrastructure improvements in this area.
  • More cycle paths in our local area – allowing safe transit and crossing of busy roads, particularly the A505.

Please complete the survey and feel free to use the above comments if you wish.  This is an opportunity to get our voices heard.

Cambridge South East Transport Study

Duxford Parish Council