The Duxford Community Centre Charity

The Duxford Community Centre Charity (DCC) was set up in 2014 to meet three key needs:-

  1. Provide a Legal Entity that could apply for grants to build / equip a community centre for which a Parish Council was ineligible.
  2. Provide a Legal Entity that could demonstrate that local fundraising activities were taking place in the village, so meeting any Match Funding requirements that came along.
  3. Be the forerunner of the Charity that would run a Duxford Community Centre after it was built.

DCC sub-committees have run or taken part in a number of fund raising events. The most notable of these are the Village shows of 2014, 2015 & 2016.

In addition DCC’s charitable status enables sub-committees to register on fund raising websites such as Just Giving and My Donate and reclaim the tax at the basic 20% rate, which means they get 25% more than has been donated.   An example of where this facility was used is the village clock appeal.

DCC is an Incorporated Organisation Reg. No. 1157964 and has a constitution based on one of the Charity Commission’s standard models. Annual Accounts and details of Trustees can be found on the Charities Commission Website.

Should any village organisation require assistance with fund raising and grant applications, please contact Tim Clarke Chair of DCC