Nextdoor – Duxford


At our recent Parish Council meeting we agreed that it would be in the best interests of the village if we could encourage all villagers to join this excellent community based social platform.

For those people who have a natural, and totally understandable, aversion to social media, we would like to assure you that this is nothing like Facebook or the like. Your personal information is not exposed and you are completely safe.

The purpose of Next Door is purely a community information site where news and events can be shared for the common good. Indeed, recently a burglary in Duxford was reported on the site within 1 hour of it happening enabling all those who were able to view it, to be aware of the immediate need for extra vigilance. Fraudulent e mails can be reported as soon as they are received and, on a more positive note, community events can be advertised and advice on any number of subjects can be sought.

No personal details are shared and even when posting a comment, you have the option to be anonymous.

This platform was brought to our attention by our Councillor Peter Young and you can join/ask for further details by contacting him on

At the moment, there are around 150 members from Duxford and we would like to ask all of our village community to consider joining please.

Many thanks.

Duxford Parish Council