WE’VE DONE IT – £8,522.46!

  • The appeal to raise £8,000 to restore the parish clock officially ended, as promised, at 2.00am on Sunday 29th October 2017 – when the clocks went back.

  • At the time of writing the appeal has raised an incredible £8,522.46 and, with pledges of £1,750.00 still to come, may swell to £10,272.46.  The good news may not stop there as we are hopeful that our application for a Community Chest grant of £1,000 will be considered favourably later this month – we’ll let you know. Money was received as follows:

    • £4,344.23 was given as donations from 33 families, friends and individuals, including donations in memoriam

    • £2,758.65 was raised by the six fundraising events and the donations from Knit & Knatter

    • £1,700.00 was given by three local companies (Tranquillity Beauty Salon, Wellcome Trust & MPN Electrical)

    • £500.00 was given as a grant from the Advent Trust

    The fundraising events contributed the following:

    • Collection from National Gardens Society day £ 55.19

    • Knit & Knatter £ 256.00

    • Saffron Walden Cake Stall £ 117.50

    • Plough Quiz & Bingo 1 £ 375.00

    • Plough Quiz & Bingo 2 £ 289.35

    • Art, Crafts & Duxford Illustrated Weekend £1343.81

    • John Barleycorn Banquet £ 321.80

    • Expenses came to £780.42. These included £414.40 for St Peter’s church as the Art & Crafts event in St Peter’s was a joint fund raising event for the clock and the church

  • The next step is gather in the 3 quotes needed to allow the Duxford Parochial Church Council to apply for additional funding through one, or possibly more, grants

  • The hope is to have the clock restored to full working order in time for Remembrance Sunday 2018

  • If you meant to give to the appeal but forgot to get round to it, your donation will still be warmly received – just visit www.duxfordclock.org

    With very many thanks to everyone who has contributed, helped and supported the appeal.

Trish Chudleigh, Libby Earle, Michelle Preston & Lesley Strauli

Duxford Clock Appeal Committee