Traveller Caravans on Rec – update Action taken

Message from Duxford Parish Council:

Please see below the timeline in respect of the recent Travelling Community Encampment on Duxford Recreation Ground in August 2017:


  • Sunday, 27th August (Bank Holiday) – Unexpected visitors encamped on the Duxford Recreation Ground in the morning. DPC contacted the Police and County Council without delay. Clerk remained on site until Police and County Council Officer arrival mid afternoon.  DPC then instructed County Council recommended bailiffs to create notices for eviction.
  • Monday, 28th August (Bank Holiday) – Within 24 hours of the visitor’s arrival, the bailiffs arrived on site and issued notices for eviction for 5pm that day. The bailiffs advised that a forcible eviction (possibly violent / Police involvement / expensive) could be avoided, if the visitors were permitted to leave the next day of their own volition instead (quietly).
  • Tuesday, 29th August – The visitors departed the Recreation Ground around 9.30pm. Within moments of the eviction, DPC and Michael Butler had blocked the entrance with a heavy piece of farm machinery.  (The eviction notice only applied to the 10 caravan occupants evicted, not applicable to any other visitors).
  • Wednesday, 30th August – A team from Environmental Health at SCDC thoroughly litter picked the Recreation Ground, including the removal of human waste.
  • Thursday, 31st August – A professional jet washing company sterilised the playground, removing all remnants of human waste. The Recreation Ground was safely reopened to the public late morning.


Duxford Parish Council would sincerely like to thank everyone that assisted with the eviction, particularly Mr Michael Butler for his time and the temporary loan of farm machinery to block the entrance.  New security measures will be discussed at the next DPC meeting (14th September 2017).