5000 houses on our doorstep…..?

North Uttlesford Garden Village is a planned development of 5000 houses on our doorstep.  This is an ill-conceived plan that the local infrastructure simply cannot support.

The North Uttlesford Garden Village Action Group needs your help now!  

We have new flyers and a campaign to raise funds to fight the North Uttlesford Garden Development and are looking for people to raise awareness by delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and raising money for the campaign across Uttlesford and South Cambs villages & towns.  If you are free to help, however much or little please get in touch.

Send a message to nugvag2017@gmail.com with:

  • Your name(s)
  • Your Village/Town & Street
  • Dates you are available over the next few weeks (this weekend onwards)
  • What you can do – knocking on doors / manning stands in e.g. Saffron Walden, Sawston / delivering leaflets

and we will get back to you with how you can help stop NUGV.

Sent on behalf of The North Uttlesford Garden Village Action Group

Website – www.stopnugv.org.uk
Facebook – NUGV Action Group
Twitter – @nugvag2017

Duxford Parish Council has joined its neighbours in standing up to these proposals – you can find the letter  here.

You can find the Uttlesford presentation here