Fundraiser for Royal British Legion

The attached photograph was taken by a professional photographer who was engaged by The Royal British Legion’s Events Team last year to take action shots of cyclists riding from London to Paris (also known as the “Pedal to Paris” or simply “P2P”). He was positioned at the edge of a field somewhere in Kent, and the shot shows myself, my recumbent bike – and my flag. That was the 20th time I have taken part in The Legion’s P2P and this year will be no exception.

However, there will be a notable difference. Although I will still be on a recumbent bike, and a similar flag will be on board, this year I will be accompanied by a ‘stoker’ – a cycling term for a rear mounted tandem user. And this stoker will actually be facing backwards. And the bike frame is being made out of bamboo – a strong, sustainable and easily worked material with little environmental impact. It isn’t finished being built, which is why I am unable to attach a picture of it.

I feel sure you are inundated by requests for sponsorship on an almost daily basis, but I doubt you have ever been approached by anyone with such a hair-brained scheme as this, but the truth, so they say, is often stranger than fiction. And the truth is, Geoff, my (ex-Royal Navy) stoker, lives in Cambridgeshire while I (ex-RAF) live in Hertfordshire. While he has never ridden a recumbent bike before, I have never ridden a tandem. But we know lots of people who have, so we’re feeling cool with the idea so far.

However, we both need to raise £800 for the ride. The Legion’s unique method for these events is for each entrant to pay their costs of doing the ride as an entry fee – £650; so every penny raised goes to the Poppy Appeal.

Geoff and I would be very grateful for every promissory email we receive – I have an ‘e-sponsor’ page ( but I am targeting local councilors in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire exclusively this year, as I have never approached any of you for any fundraising I have done. By way of promoting the cause, we will endeavour to attend any Carnival Parade in the counties this summer (I am already booked into the Rickmansworth Carnival, 13th May) for any council that pledges over £100.

Paul is raising money to help The Royal British Legion

Kind regards,

Paul Harding

Mobile; 07877805111