Hinxton Agritech Development

The following links take you to all available documents relating to the Smithson-Hill proposals for a park for AgriTech and associated life sciences on land east of the A1301 and south of the A505 at Hinxton.

FAQ online www.smithsonhill.co.uk/smithsonhill-proposals-parish-faq-2/

FAQ pdf www.smithsonhill.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Parish-meetings-FAQs.pdf

EIA Scoping document www.smithsonhill.co.uk/eia-scoping-february-2017/

Hinxton January presentation materials www.smithsonhill.co.uk/agritech-jan-2017

The pdf copy of the scoping report is also available by clicking on the following link AgriTech-Hinxton-EIA-Scoping-Report

Smithson Hill welcomes any input to hello@smithsonhill.co.uk