John Mynott

John Mynott was born in early 1890 in Whittlesford and a year later was living with his grandparents and his mother Susan A Mynott on Duxford Road, Whittlesford. By 1901 John was still living with his grandparents, Ezra and Mary Mynott but now in Station Road, (Moorfield Road).

By 1911 they had moved to Green Street where Susan, John’s mother was head of the household and single. Her father Ezra was now an invalid and John was working as a carpenter helping build houses. They had one lodger, to help the family income.

John enlisted in Sawston and became Sapper154529, 88th Field Company, Corps of Royal Engineers. The Company became part of the British Army’s advance on Bagdad from the South which fell on 11th March 1917. Forces then pushed north of Bagdad during April and May to consolidate their position.

John Mynott died on Monday, 23rd July 1917 in Mesopotania, and is buried in Bagdad, North Gate Cemetery. There were no specific actions that day so perhaps his death, as many were, was due to illness or accident.

Page kindly contributed by Mr Tim Chudleigh