Forest School at the Biggen – please leave our log circle

The log circle is an important part of the routine for the children. It is where we come together to share what we have enjoyed, reflect on what we are good at and take on our Forest School names.

Please share this message so that the local community learn to respect our log circle and the work that we do at the Biggen with preschool children.

We appreciate that this is public space, but please, leave the log circle as you find it. If you move a stump, please put it back.  If you have older children that use the Biggen please share this message with them too.

Message from the Parish Clerk:  This area is an ancient site, protected by Historic England.  It is forbidden to light fires on the Biggen without prior written permission from the Parish Clerk, who would first need to see proof of public liability insurance. 

REG. CHARITY NO. 1165461