Next Door – village network

Not quite knowing what we were getting into, a couple of us signed up for this virtual neighbour last week. We are already 17 which is quite encouraging.
It’s an appealing prospect – a village community brought back together by technology, as it used to be by regular physical contact. Somehow, along with the village post office, bank, baker, butcher (no candle maker), has gone something less tangible but even more important.
Maybe this new virtual form of contact with which so many are now comfortable (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, – did you know that 50% of all UK singles now use dating sites regularly?) could take us a step to getting some of that “neighbourliness” back.
Anyway this is just to let you know that if we can together by Sept. 4th grow our 17 neighbours to 50 the village gets a cheque for £150. If each existing neighbour invites a neighbour who in turn invites another we are there.
(If they send the cheque to me I promise to put it to good use – once I have paid for a round at The John Barleycorn, Plough or Wheatsheaf – your choice. We may have lost the post office, bank, butcher and baker but we still have three pubs in which to cement virtual contact).
Seriously, we could well survive without this bonus, but it would be nice to have it and we would be moving Duxford one step closer to an old fashioned new fangled “connected” neighbourhood.
Just log on to your site, click invitations and choose your contact method.
Any questions just reply to this message or email me direct and feel free to ask. I will try to answer.
Good luck and thanks
Peter Young –